Israel is the most democratic country in the Middle East 


Israel Is Not a Democracy

A democracy doesn’t deny millions their civil rights, plunder their land and resources and deprive them of independence and of a say in their future. Read more ….

    First off the most democratic country in the Middle East is Israel.  Even Arabs will tell you there is no other place in the Middle East that gives them the freedoms that they love. Second of all Israel was a barren wasteland when the Jews returned. If you are going to say that Israel is denying the rights of others, then you should want a single state. 

      It should be Israel and not Palestine.  If they are Palestinians then they are not Israeli and are not citizens of Israel and they don’t have the same rights. 

    There are no rights under the Palestinian rule. They are governed under sharia law. The Christian population there is declining due to the restrictions to run a business. They also have trouble buying and selling property. Muslims boycotts have forced many Christian businesses to close up. Business loans are refused to Christians. 

    The Christian population there is under 2 percent.  However in Israel.  The Christian and Jewish populations are exploding. Christians from all over the Middle East are fleeing to Israel.  Currently in Egypt Christians are being forced out.  Where are they fleeing too? Israel! 

    It has also been known that Muslim men have forced Christian women to marry them.  It is their attempt to diminish the Christian population. They believe that the woman would automatically become Muslim and the children born to them. 

   Christian women are sometimes raped with the intention that they will no longer be able to find a Christian husband. During Ramadan Christians are spit on there.  They want the Christians gone or to live like them.

   If a Palestinian converts to Christianity they can be thrown into prison, killed, set on fire, tortured and so on. Distributing bibles can get you thrown into jail and tortured too. 

   Israel is very cautious in everything they do. They know they are under a microscope and criticized for everything they do.

   In Palestine there are no rights for children.  They are either trained to kill Jews or married off.  

    What about the rights of Palestinian Christians and other minorities? Where are the rights for women and children? 

#Breaking #IDF :A terrorist tried to stab soldiers at the”Adam Square Qalandiya”. There are no casualties. The terrorist was killed.

Israel treats the victims of #ISIS there.
Key to peace in #Israel is a one state solution.
#IsraelForever #IStandWithIsrael


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