Women’s Rights?

`       Women’s rights activists where are you now?!

You embrace this crap. You know they kill women for leaving without their guardian. You want sharia law.  Sharia law ensures the enslavement of women. There is no being you, just be yourself.  Embrace yourself, there is none of that.  It is just all the same. No individuality. You are covered up in a black piece of crap.  No one sees your face, no one knows who you are.  This does not scream girl power.  Our great grandmothers did not fight for women’s rights only to surrender them to some 7th century neanderthals.  For all you idiots who think sharia law is wonderful thing, take this girls place.  Go to places where sharia law is implemented.  The freedoms you have here gone.  There is no parades, no marches for women’s freedom.  Do that there, they will beat and/or killed you.