Tahani Mansour


There has been little coverage over the murder of Tahani Mansour. It was an honor killing done by her father.

She was a successful and beautiful lady. She was a pharmacist and was in a relationship with a classmate, that King believes she might have hidden from her father.  She had told King that she was afraid of her father.  Others said that she had feared him for years. Her father was also extremely mad that she took a business trip to Vegas. He was so upset over it he threatened to commit suicide. The night before her murder, he was seen at the gas station loading his gun. He shot her three times in the head, once at close range, while she slept. He said it was an accident and that he was not under medication for his diabetes, when he committed the murder. They have already used the race card and now they have pushed back the pre-trial hearing, pending a psych evaluation. The pre-trial hearing is on February the 7th at 10 am. Let’s get justice for Tahani and for others victims of honor killings. Let’s show them that Sharia has no place in the US.


**Update** 06/28/2017

Another psych evaluation. 

Cuyahoga County




Sharia is in America. How long do we tolerate this?

Sharia law for honor killing.

(o1.2) – The following are not subject to retaliation: … -4- a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring or offspring’s offspring

Quran (18:65-81) – This parable lays the theological groundwork for honor killings, in which a family member is murdered because they brought shame to the family, either through apostasy or perceived moral indiscretion. The story (which is not found in any Jewish or Christian source) tells of Moses encountering a man with “special knowledge” who does things which don’t seem to make sense on the surface, but are then justified according to later explanation. One such action is to murder a youth for no apparent reason (74). However, the wise man later explains that it was feared that the boy would “grieve” his parents by “disobedience and ingratitude.” He was killed so that Allah could provide them a ‘better’ son. [Note: This parable along with verse 58:22 is a major reason that honor killing is sanctioned by Sharia. Reliance of the Traveler (Umdat al-Saliq) says that punishment for murder is not applicable when a parent or grandparent kills their offspring (o.1.12).]


One thought on “Tahani Mansour

  1. Greg M says:

    Another nasty rule, for an excuse to berate and decimate women in the Islamic world. And since he committed the crime in the US. He should be tried in OUR courts. And not be excused via Shariah Law.


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