The Alt Right the new Nazis

Richard Spencer is the founder of this movement and a hardcore racist.


The stupid things that conspiracy theory nut jobs spew comes from information given by Kevin MacDonald. He thinks that Jews are behind everything.


I had a few friends who saw right through the alt right movement. One friend in particular Aaron, sweet kid, he wanted to show us what was going on. He showed us what came up under their hashtag. He also posted proIsrael and Jewish content along with their hash tag and he got attacked, harassed, and stalked. It is the reemergence of the Nazis&Islam

You also have little Ricky, Jared, Micro aka BakedAlaska big influencers in this movement. Jared started project purge

So many on there I would not have thought would be a part of it, is. Have had friends recently defend it in the name of free speech. 


The alt-right is much more open about what they do. Trump has disavowed it. Even he sees them for what they are.

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Bibi is not racist and we know there will never be peace. The Palestinians(Islam) does not want them to exist. They wish to wipe them out


And there is much more it is so easy to find and out in the open.



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