ICANN fellowship program


A lot of these are ISIS havens and Gaza (Hamas)


CIRA launches Fury top-level domain platform with first customer in tow

New ICANN report reveals China’s drive to become a dominant player in new gTLDs

If you wish to know more about ICANN Bruce Porter, Jr. is the one to go too. He has been following this closely. He also has the list of senators who sold us out.


Since ICANN has FORCEFULLY & against our will taken our internet our service has been horrible, websites don’t work & we censored. #ICANN57 ~ Bruce Porter

Please heed my warning>Patriots Guide To Stay Alive On Twitter Post ICANN Transfer #TheTwitterPartyIsOver #FreeJared ~ Bruce

Your conversation will be used against you. So to survive twitter under ICANN don’t engage with trolls. Just block. Twitter will use it against you. They have “chatbots” It is to get you to trip up on something and then take your account. Too many blocks on your account is counted against you too.

LOOKs like Christian patriots @onlinemagazin suspended just now. Islamist try to silence ALL Christians.#SocialMedia ~ Bruce

Texas has filed a lawsuit to try and stop the handover of the internet

Trump wants to get it back. We must stand with him to get it back.




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