The Democratic party should be called the Islamic party

Updated December 13, 2016:

Terror Experts ‘Very Concerned’ About Sen. Elizabeth Warren Aide and His Jihad-Terror Tied Mosque


Warren staffer Hamza Abdelgany invited the senator to speak at a Boston Islamic Center linked to several major terrorism cases.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she made an ill-advised appearance at a Boston mosque linked to several major terrorism cases at the request of an office aide who attends the radical mosque.

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Another great example.


You got Hillary getting funded by muslim countries, her VP pick Tim Kaine has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Her aid Huma, Iranian. John Kerry’s son-in-law is Iranian. There is ObamaValerie Jarrett is Iranian. Hamas-CAIR linked to black lives matter.  CAIR and the ACLU. The Muslim Brotherhood created CAIR. And there is Loretta Lynch not allowed to speak out against Islam. And let’s not forget Hillary fought to keep Boko Haram off the terrorist list. Hillary gets paid $500,000 to fight islamophobia.

Hillary Clinton Took Millions from Anti-LGBT Countries That Jail and Execute Gays

Breitbart – In her response to the Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Hillary Clinton called on the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait to stop allowing their citizens to fund terrorists and to “stop supporting radical schools and mosques.” However, she failed to mention that the Clinton Foundation has spent years accepting millions in donations from countries that throw homosexuals in prison, fine them, sentence them to hard labor, and even execute them for the “crime” of being gay.

For years, Hillary Clinton’s own global foundation welcomed big-dollar donations from countries with some of the worst LGBT-rights records in the world. And it’s worth noting that the Clintons have routinely failed to disclose all the information concerning donations to their foundation.  Read more…


Gehad el-Haddad taken into custody for inciting violence.

Frontpage Mag– A fugitive Muslim Brotherhood leader and Clinton operative has been arrested by Egyptian authorities in an ongoing roundup of seditious Islamist militants.

The arrest of Gehad el-Haddad for inciting violence is a sobering reminder not just of how close Hillary Clinton’s network is to the brutal Muslim Brotherhood, the Left’s favorite Islamofascist cell, but also of the extent to which Islamist enemies of the United States have infiltrated the American political establishment. Read more…

In 2006 Ellison sworn in on Quran

Judge in New York takes oath on the Quran

Obama signs into law allowing muslim to swear in on Quran.

Sharia in America


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