UK’s first case of sexually transmitted Zika detected

UK’s first case of sexually transmitted Zika detected


Netanyahu: Israel won’t allow ISIS to open ‘a front of terror’ on the Golan — The JPost

“We are paying close attention to developments and continuing with determination to implement the policy that I establish. We will not tolerate even isolated fire, and we will respond forcefully and attack our enemies when necessary before they succeed in attacking us,” he said. “We will not permit radical Islam or any other hostile entity to open a front of terror against us on the Golan.” read more…


Israel conducts evacuation exercise


Iraq News

Why? Probably because they are surrounded by countries that wish to wipe them out. They should plan for disasters. It will help minimize casualties later on.

Update November 27, 2016: Great example this week fires raging throughout Israel caused by terrorist.

Defense News

By: Barbara Opall-Rome, September 13, 2016. (Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of the Israeli Defense Ministry )
Israel Heeds Hezbollah Threats, Drills Mass Evacuation of Civilians Near Border
TEL AVIV – The Israeli military demonstrated on Tuesday that it takes seriously Hezbollah’s repeated threats to “take over the Galilee” with a massive drill aimed at evacuating civilians under attack near the Lebanon border.

Described as “the biggest drill of its kind until now,” Col. Eyal Forman, chief medical officer in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Homefront Command, said the exercise was driven by war threat scenarios involving Hezbollah forces “crossing the border and getting to the…

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