Qassem: claims of Iranian support for the Taliban in Afghanistan is a blatant lie

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Afghan Taliban spokesman denied the group’s support for the Islamic Republic.

Bahram Ghasemi, Monday, Persian date Aban 10, a Taliban spokesman as “a pre-planned action and to order Trvrystprvr supporters of the terrorist group and aims to confuse public opinion and Iranophobia” he said.

According to IRNA, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran supported the Afghan Taliban, “a blatant lie, irrelevant and inaccurate.”

International Alashrq Awsat newspaper the day before, statements Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Afghan Taliban had published which expressed the group’s “new relationships and networks” has established.

Zabihullah Mujahid added that the group has “all legitimate means” to achieve a “regional consensus to counter the invasion of Afghanistan” will be used.

Taliban spokesman also determines a representative of the group to Iran was denied.

Denied fresh reports on the relationship between Iran and the Taliban in Afghanistan while there are reports of some Taliban representatives traveled to Iran in recent years have a story.

Included in the Persian date Ordibehesht 1394 when the Taliban announced a high-level delegation from the group met with officials of the Islamic Republic in Tehran and has conducted.

However, both the government and the spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, about the trip expressed “ignorance” were.

But Mohammad Asghar, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Majlis time, the newspaper said the law also happened in the past, but not media because of security concerns.

Tasnim, close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Revolution, Iran’s first news source on Tuesday, May 29, the Taliban’s political mission in Afghanistan are based in Doha, Qatar, to Tehran.

The Tasnim, the panel on Monday, May 28, arrived in Tehran and the “Islamic Republic of Iran’s security officials” met.

Valastrytjvrnal newspaper on June 94, citing Afghan and Western officials, accused Iran ‘s financial and military support to the Afghan Taliban.

The report said that Tehran has not only brought financial support and weapons from the Taliban but militants linked to the group training.

For years the power of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the country’s harsh laws against women and Shia religious groups.

International Coalition of America-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the Taliban Islamic State was destroyed, but so far their armed activities against Afghan and international forces continues.

However, the Afghan Taliban in recent years has tried to government and other regional powers have a political dialogue and some bloody campaign groups like the Pakistani Taliban and the Islamic State of Afghanistan has condemned


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