Immigrants: We burn cars  because Swedes are racists

Friatider –
DOMESTIC. A young man living in Skallberget in Vasteras explains in a letter to youths vandalizing and burning cars because they are subjected to racism and do not have enough “activities”. 

“It is clear as hell that we take out our frustration by destroying and vandalize when we have a shortage of activities here, “he writes in a letter to the editor in the local newspaper VLT.

Vasteras has recently been subjected to a long series of car fires. The submitter tries the young man, who wishes to remain anonymous, explain what the phenomenon is due.

He writes that he came to Sweden when he was young and admittedly had “good potential” but that he was subject to persistent racism by the authorities.

“Already at an early age became a man treated differently. Sometimes it was because of ethnicity, sometimes because they were at a certain place, and sometimes just to those very people who were in power felt to fuck with us. So many times I had been propped up against the wall and strip-searched in front of my loved ones. It really depressed me and my value, “he writes.

The man writes that the young people in the area feel “oppressed” and that they are burning cars to “get the environment to react and listen.” Among other things, he complains that the objectives of the local football field does not have a network and that it is not organized enough “activities” for young people.

“In short, it is clear as hell that we take out our frustration by destroying and vandalizing when we have a shortage of activities here. There is neither good fellowship, activities and things / objects we can make use of.”

Submitters have received several responses from readers who are critical of the reasoning.

“It’s just a matter of time before someone of obtained or ‘the others’ die if this continues. No pity you – all just hate you more and more,”writes , for example, the signature “Former car owners on Skallberget”.



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