New ICANN report reveals China’s drive to become a dominant player in new gTLDs

The largest percentage growth in the number of registry operators since Phase I has been in the Asia-Pacific region. Here, the number of companies operating registries leapt from 29 to 61, an increase of over 110% (Europe and Latin America grew by 100%, while for North America, growth was just shy of 97%). The signs point to the vast majority of that Asia-Pacific growth being accounted for by China.

Across both legacy and new gTLDs, the two registry operators that experienced the most significant growth were US-based and China’s Jiangsu Bangning Science & Technology, which saw their respective share of overall registrations grow by 1% each. The Chinese company runs the registry for the ‘.top’ gTLD.

Looking more closely at new gTLDs, China’s footprint becomes more apparent. Jiangsu Bangning saw its share of new gTLD registrations grow by 10.5% – more than any other registry – while’s share decreased by -11.8% (only Donuts saw a greater decrease, of -16.4%). Other Chinese registry operators staking a claim in new gTLD registrations include Zodiac – the single largest Chinese gTLD applicant, having applied for 15 strings – which saw its share expand by 3.2%; Elegant Leader, which operates ‘.xin’, up 1.9%; and Beijing Qianiang Wangjing Technology Development Co (+1.8%).   Read more at


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