Woman on death row for drinking water

I first heard this story months ago. And still praying for her. She has been sentenced to death for drinking water out of a Muslims cup.

ACLJ is petitioning the sentence.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan is finally scheduled to hear Asia Bibi’s case in just five days. Asia, a Christian mother of five, has been in prison for seven years for allegations of blasphemy, facing execution by hanging. Her co-workers alleged that she blasphemed the Prophet Muhammad’s name.

According to Pakistan’s constitution, all laws must be consistent with Sharia, Islamic law. True to its constitution, Pakistan’s penal code punishes any insult to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad with the death penalty. Read more…

This is her final hearing please sign the petition and pray for her.

Bibi’s husband, Ashiq Masih, told the Guardian the family has been in hiding ever since Qadri’s execution.


2 thoughts on “Woman on death row for drinking water

  1. Paul Roberts says:

    We are praying for you. Islam is a mental disorder. We getting tired of Muslims in America. One day we will get rid of them radical terrorist. Islam is the problem

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