US is funding terrorists in Palestine

US funding ‘Israeli state terrorism’ in military deal

Al Jazeera speaks to three Palestinian victims of US military aid to Israel, as a record $38bn deal was signed.

Last month, the United States signed a $38bn record military aid deal with Israel, described as the “largest single pledge of military assistance in US history to any country”. Traditionally, US military aid is provided to Israel on the provision that the bulk of the money is spent on United States war machinery and weapons. Read more…

US funds terrorism in Palestine. In Obama’s first term they gave them $875 million a year, then in 2014 Kerry pledges 5 billion more. And what does Palestine use it for. To find more ways to wipe Israel off the map.

US-Israel military deal

Israel Lost at Least $7 Billion in U.S. Defense Aid, Says Ex-defense Official

Pro-Israel US senators seek to overturn parts of new Israel aid package

Israel conducts evacuation exercise

Tunnel used by Hamas militants during deadly conflict with Israel is turned into a tourist attraction

Qatar also giving money to Hamas and so has Iran and we have given Iran money to do so.


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