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‘We have a lot more work to do’: Texas governor on Harvey recovery

Abbott, who was by Trump’s side during his visit, praised the president for being “so genuine” in his meetings with Texans displaced from their homes by the historic flooding.

“He was so genuine. He started out at a shelter with a bunch of young kids. And you can tell by what he was saying and the way he was interacting, how much he was concerned,” the governor said. “And then, we went to a church where supplies were being put together that would feed people. And he just would hug people, and it was great sense of unity.”Read more…. 

Robert E Lee High School’s name has been removed.


Former San Antonio mayor, Julian Castro got his wish. They wanted to change the name of Robert E Lee High School.  Except they do have the funds to it or another name for it. They were going to do this no matter what. There was a petition of 6,000 signatures to keep the name. One petition for 3,500 to change the name. The board voted 5-2 to keep the name. Julian did not go to school there or even live in the district. Who is he speaking for? Not the community. Not for the people who overwhelming want to keep the name.

This tells me no matter what, whatever the left wants to do they are going to do it. After the statues are removed, the rewriting of history. Demonization of America and its history. Forget all the good that this country has done. Forget that slavery was something that all countries had. Forget that the US was the first to abolish it. Forget that only a few of the founding fathers had them. George Washington freed his towards the end. Jefferson wanted to release his, but his was a financial wreak. He did put things into place that would lead to abolishing slavery.

Updated 09/02/2017

Ms. Grona told Jack the board has received threats of violence from both sides of the issue, but that the board feared the side that wanted the name changed more. Read more…